Rock Paper Scissors Season 1 Episode 3 2024

Rock Paper Scissors Season 1 Episode 3

HD 8.5 125 minutes
Harun has a confession record of the murder. This evidence, which is enough to put Fecir in prison, causes the Orderbreakers to sit down to negotiate. Bünyamin Emirkıran is ready to do anything to save his son Fecir from this case. Bünyamin learning the big secret turns Fecir upside down. Neither the courts nor the police, none of these can scare him as much as his father's wrath. Will Bünyamin's power be enough to save his son from this predicament? The nightmare-filled days are finally about to end for Umut, who watches the confession recording. Presenting this evidence to the court means proving Rıza's innocence and remaining free. As the sentencing hearing approaches, the strong evidence in Harun's possession begins to be of vital importance. Will Umut be able to get his father out of that hell?
Genre: Drama, Family, Crime
Released: 2024-03-13